Postage & Packaging

Post and packaging for a standard size drysuit within Ireland €30

 Terms & conditions 

All drysuits must undergo a pressure test before any repairs are undertaken and this must be paid in advance. Boots & Zip replacements require a €100 deposit
All suits delivered for repair must be clean and dry inside and out. Any suits wet or dirty ( including from talc or chalk ) incur a €10 cleaning/drying charge. This will also delay repairs on suits by up to 2 days. 

Due to limited storage space any suit not collected within 2 week of completion will be moved to a secure commercial storage facility. The storage charge is €10 per suit per week to a maximum of €45 per suit per month and this will be borne by the customer. As this is a commercial facility we are in no position to waiver this charge. 

Collect on time as space is limited...

Our workroom

Please be considerate when calling to our workroom. This is our workplace but we do not reside at this address. Please do not drop off suits without phoning first. Under no circumstances are suits to be left unattended or unsecure at this workplace. We will not accept responsibility for lost or stolen suits which have been left unattended. 
In this regard please be cautious if using couriers to deliver suits. We have had incidences where couriers have left suits unattended at the front door in plain view of passers by. 
We recommend An Post for all deliveries.