prolong the life of your drysuit...its simple really...

If you only ever do one thing with your suit rinse it with fresh tap water...this applies to all dive gear. You never know what you come in contact with in a dive nor whats actually in the water itself! Salt crystals on you neck seal will irritate your neck but will do more damage long term to your valves and zip. Harbours, docks and piers can provide your suit with ample quantities of oils and solvents to melt seals and play havoc with the zip lubricants. Diving in rivers, lakes and canals can have hygiene implications. So, rinse with fresh tap water after every dive - on site if you can or once you get back to your accomodation . Then hang the suit ( out of sunlight ) to drip dry.  


After your suit is rinsed and dried, then care for the seals and zip. Dust the seals with un scented talc. This will prolong the life of the seals and make it easier to don the next time. Do not use silicone spray or any oil based lubricants on the seals. Some sun tan lotions will damage seals. Do not use Vaseline! The New Zipper Company manufacture BDM zips which are the most widely used drysuit zips. They recommend rinsing the zip with fresh water  then applying a wax to the outside and using a zip cleaning fluid. This cleaning fluid can be also used to lubricate the inside teeth of the zip. Never use wax on the inside of the zip as it can clog and damage the teeth. 

Pressure test reveals leak ... bubbles


Check your suits for any damage regularly. If your latex seals are left to perish and eventually melt they can damage other parts of the suit including the zip. You may also be charged more to have the suit cleaned prior to new seals being fitted. Small holes in the neoprene can grow large very fast if not treated immediately. 


Finally , loosely roll up your suit from the feet up making sure your zip is on the outside and does not get bent. Place in its storage bag and store in a cool dry place out of sunlight. or hang it up using a proper drysuit hanger but keep out of sunlight. Keep away from petrol fumes... so if your suit is hanging near the lawnmower, its time to move it!